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7 months abroad...let's see where I go, what I do, and who I meet.

Day 66 - Shanghai - Jingan Temple, People’s Square, Marriage Market, and the Bund

I am officially a month behind. So I am going to have to wrap this part of my trip up in a few bullet points. 

  1. In the morning, Sarah, Prajit, and I went to Cantina Agrave for a hearty mexican meal. By hearty I mean… an order of enpanadas, nachos, beef tacos, and chicken quesadillas. That was for just Sarah and me. I know … kinda gross but sooo goooddd. 
  2. After lunch, we headed to People’s Square to see the famous Marriage Market. The marriage market was definitely one sight to see. Imagine a whole lot of old people bargaining and fighting for a date for their daughter or son… People sit on the sides of the park with ads attached to their umbrellas waiting for a potential interest. None of the actual candidates (sons and daughters) are there. It’s all about the dads and moms. There are probably hundreds of ads that list the age, occupation, education, physical appearance, and more about the sons and daughters. Most interesting part… the candidates ranged from old seniors to young college graduates. 
  3. After the marriage market, Sarah and I headed to Jingan Temple - a Buddhist temple located in the middle of the city. It was amazing inside. The place covered in gold and filled with tons of prayer rooms and interesting stairways weaving through the temple. At the front of the temple was a big incense thing? that we got to throw money through and make a wish. Not quite sure if that was the purpose of it but everyone was doing it so we did as well. The architecture was so beautiful… can’t even describe to you. 
  4. For dinner, Sarah and I met up with a few other people and ate at a popular Chinese restaurant called…… It was delicious. The best part was the honey toast (see picture). But that wasn’t enough for us so after dinner we had coldstone as well. heheh 
  5. Finally, my day ended with me taking a few quick snapshots at the Bund. The lights were so beautiful. Unfortunately, the moment we got there it started pouringgggggg and we had to struggle to grab a taxi back home. It was so cool to see Shanghai again. I don’t remember that much from my trip in the 7th grade but from what I do remember, the Bund looked a lot different (a lot more developed). 

Anyways, overall I had an awesome trip all thanks to Sarah. She had me going, going, and going. But I’m glad I got to see so much of Shanghai in such a short time. Thanks Sarah!!! 

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